The Radio Television Theater Hour

59 Minutes of Frivolous Mischief and Good Clean Fun

Set in a fictionalized Chicago that feels closer to a small community than a major metropolis, the Radio Television Theater Hour features a rotating cast of quirky characters from the neighborhood with new guests and new bits every month in our hosts' attempt to produce a legitimate Chicago talk show.

Sadly, the show has ended...

We had a good run, with 6 brand-new and original shows in 2014. It's not easy to put together a full sketch/talk/variety show in a month and we're proud that we not only pulled it off, but put together some really great shows. It's bittersweet to say goodbye but we decided to move on and pursue other projects. And that's the honest truth, we were just ready to move on.

You can follow the links below to connect and see what the cast and writers are working on now:


Robert Carter (Twitter / website)
Katy Yeiser (Twitter | McSweeney's)
Spencer McCurnin (Twitter)
Sean Sullivan (Twitter)
Rachel Wenitsky (Twitter / website)
Kannan Arumugam (Under The Gun Theater)
Ray Hui (Twitter)
Jon Butts (iO Theater)
Max Lollar (website)
Cameron Watkins (IMDB)
Kelly Opalko (Pretty/Windy)
Angela Dawe (website)

For more great shows, visit The Public House Theatre.